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China is famous for it’s china! Vases, ginger jars, dishes, umbrella stands, anything and everything made from porcelain can be found in Hong Kong and China. For years I have heard of a huge porcelain store in Kowloon Bay that will make create any china pattern you can design. Last week I had the opportunity to visit and watch some of the designers at work. This store will overwhelm the most intrepid of shoppers. Recommendation bring a small bag and hold it close to you for fear of breakage, also should you come with your kids, warn them too.





Yuet Tung China Works has rows and rows of every different type of china you could ever imagine. There is traditional Chinoiserie, Art Deco pieces, modern pieces and even children’s china sets. The colors are vibrant and in the back the painters are working away creating more and more of the china they sell. The company has been in business since 1928, and is still a family business. The staff speaks a bit of English and they are happy to help get things off high shelves but the expectation is the customer will find their own goods. I found three of one mug I wanted four of and they held up their hands, find it your self was the implication and searching through we did!





Yuet Tung creates the china for all of the big hotels in town and even personalizes it for special events. They will do the same for you if you bring the design they can copy anything, and from what I saw they copy well. The pieces are not inexpensive, from $70 HK Dollars a mug to $3500 HK Dollars for a large ginger jar and on, the higher quality greater workmanship pieces are obviously more expensive. Personalization really depends on how complex the design is, the simple anniversary plate with date, and small design was $500 HK Dollars.





The store itself is an experience in the amount and incredible diversity of porcelain product that comes out of this city. Being able to watch it being created is an added bonus to the shopping experience. If you are at all interested in porcelain head over here for the experience of seeing every different type imaginable.



Details: Yuet Tung China Works, Unit 1-3. 3/F, Kowloon Bay Industrial Centre, 15 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 852-2796 1125, Open Monday through Saturday, 9am -5pm.

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