Two Dots, An Unbelievably Addictive App!

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Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.

Charles Eames




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First there was Dots, an app like candy crash but with an Eames simplicity and style. I really enjoyed that game, patterning done simply. I played for a bit but stopped after a while as I found it becoming too much of a time sink. I never played the endless mode as that costs $1.99 us and I was not sure I needed to play the game endlessly.




And then, there was Two Dots. Amelia and Jacques are characters who introduce the game, although they don’t show up after introduction. The games has 235 levels, that take you through homes, oceans, snow storms, deserts, space with different challenges on each. There are anchors, fire, freezes and blank dots. Each level requires different tasks which is introduced before the level. When you complete one of the levels, depending on the number of steps it takes the player, 1-3 stars are awarded. The game then proclaims the player a Genius, Astounding, or Brilliant, which does not hurt the player’s self esteem!






The puzzles are simple but the more you play the more patterns and connections you see then the more successful you are. As my 7 year old said, ‘there is no random swiping on this one.’ It actually begins to take skill, which makes it a really interesting, fun app. Luckily it is time limited which limits the addictiveness. There are five lives and after losing a level another life comes up every 20 minutes.


Two Dots is available for Android and ios


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