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Casino meets trivia meets social media for kids and adults… I never thought possible but the game exists and my kids and I are addicted to it … this type of Crack I can manage being in our lives. Some of the questions are tough and after starting with three lives you realize how quickly you can lose those, forcing the player to wait another hour until they can play again. I personally have always been a fan of time restrained though as I need those types of limits!


As this is a social game there are opportunities to play through friends either through Facebook or random people. The more you win or answer questions correctly the higher level you get on the game which helps you to see the experience level of a random opponent. The object of the game is to complete a character in each subject matter: Science, Geography, Sports, Entertainment, Arts, and History. Opportunities to get a character are gained through random selection on a wheel or by answering three questions correctly, the player then chooses the subject area and if the question is answered correctly that character is added. The player wins once the player is crowned in each subject area. Each time the player answers the question wrong it becomes the opponent’s turn. Thus making that player wait until the opponent answers a question incorrectly.





There is also challenge mode in which players compete against ten other players trying to answer twelve questions in the shortest amount of time. There is also an opportunity within individual games to challenge for a character and then take all of your opponent’s characters by answering three challenge questions correctly. This can end n the defendant answering a deciding question should there be a tie. Whichever character you were challenging over is then given from the loser to the winner. Did I mention the animated graphics??? They are very cute!



People are allowed to submit their own questions for the trivia game, which is then approved by administrators. This is one aspect of game that has seen some complaints as administrators can take weeks to get back to players on approval and if a question is refused reasoning is not always clear. I am currently awaiting approval on a question but it has only been two days since submission.  Some have also complained that some trivia is not carefully enough fact checked. However the advantage is that questions are of varying levels appealing directly to the community as the community is creating the trivia.




Each player begins the game with three lives which is the maximum available at any time; you lose lives by losing a game or answering three questions incorrectly. The lives are renewed after waiting an hour and the clock for new lives starts as soon as you lose the first life or you can buy a new life for $.99. This creates a limit to how long you can play at any time unless you are on a roll answering everything correctly. This lag in lives is one major complaint people have, but I always appreciate a time-limited game especially one as addictive as this. In the end the game reminds me of  of Trivial Pursuit an app version and, because it is faster paced and less time consuming, it is even more fun! I always loved Trivial Pursuit, and it is really fun to watch my children enjoying it as much as I did and learning random trivia from it as well. Apps that make you use your brain and entertain both children and adults, I am sold!

Trivia Crack is currently available in fifteen languages and on five different platforms, making it basically universally available and addictive at the same time. It can be purchased from your favorite app store or at

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