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Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 11.16.05 am is incredibly … cool. It is fascinating and interactive and educational! In July,2014; the site was started by Travel Journalist Lucy Izon in order to develop it for Canada’s 150th Birthday in 2017. The advance planning alone shows forethought and ingenuity. People are invited to share their input and the hope is that they will have 1100 cool facts by 2017 – based on what is up already I think they will surpass 1100 facts.



Just clicking around I learned a ton about Canada, all facts written to engage people of all ages with more details available if you are interested. Did you know the there is a fossil in Manitoba named for a Monty Python skit? In 1974, the miners were chatting about a Monty Python movie in which everyone was named Bruce, when they found a fossil of a Tylosaurus and thus named it Bruce.



Tylosaurus_Bruce; FunkMonk CC by SA 2.0



I also learned Canada is home to the steepest, tallest cliff anywhere on earth. Mount Thor in Nunavut, Canada is 1250 meters. Canada also has the most northerly active sand dunes in Saskatchewan and the dunes can be 30 meters high! Not only that but in British Columbia there is wine being made in Pyramids.




The facts are amazing but there is also travel planning information like Canada’s Coolest Lists has lists of beaches, museums, festivals and more. You can look at the individual provinces or territories of Canada or just click around the map. There is also a blog on the site.


A website like this is great for students, citizens and foreigners. I have not been to Canada in years and I found myself engrossed. I would love to hear if other countries have anything similar.

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