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I came to America this summer on a mission. I would find the newest, best water bottle. I was so incredibly tired of buying water bottles for my children and myself that would leak all over our bags. Bottles that had straws coming out of them that my children would chew beyond use within one day. Bottles that I felt guilty buying because they were plastic and environmentally toxic or bottles that got so hot or cold my children would not want to drink the water out of them. I wanted a bottlethat was so useful I would travel with it, I would no longer be using plastic bottles at home or abroad.  I knew many who had the same issues and I had determined that someone out there had to have come up with a solution.




I started asking all my mommy friends as soon as I got to New York, each agreed that this was an issue but none had found a solution. The answer came from and unexpected place. A friend was telling me of a new bottle she used to keep wine cold all day at the beach. She poured the whole bottle of white wine into a S’Well bottle and each glass tasted as cold as the first. Are these made in other sizes? Do they come in colors or patterns palatable to my children? The questions rushed out of me. All questions were answered in the affirmative.






S’Well bottles are Amazing! We have used them on the beach; they have gone through days of camp, hiking on farms. They do show scratches and one is dented but the water inside still stays cold. The company promises cold liquids stay cold for 24 hours; hot liquids stay hot for 12 hours. I have not tested the maximums but I will say they have done all I wished for. No spillage or even sweat in my bag and consistent temperatures for as long as I have needed them for. They are pretty too, the packaging is fun and there are a variety of colors and three sizes to choose between. The faux wood seems to be everyone’s favorite but the bright colors are also beautiful. They are sold in 35 countries worldwide and it turns out they were invented in 2010 but I guess it took me awhile to catch on to them…





The company mission is to rid the world of plastic bottles. The bottles are BPA-free and made from 18/8 stainless steel, which is why there is no metallic after taste. S’Well also partners with different charities mainly to provide clean drinking water worldwide through Unicef, Drink Up and Water. The wood bottles are actually a promotion for American Forests and S’Well is donating one tree for each bottle sold. The bottles are not cheap but given the problems they are solving for me and donating to for our world’s future they feel worth it. Will I be taking my S’Well bottle on my next trip? Absolutely and I don’t seem to be the only one. The website is loaded with people traveling all over the world with their bottles, and ours will be with us on the flight back to Hong Kong and then still with us wherever we go next…


Details: www.swellbottle.com

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