Sustainable Fashion? What is that?

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Sustainable Fashion? What exactly does that mean? Finally a website that actually has a good explanation, and fashionable clothing and it is out of Hong Kong. The site,, explains it’s ethos with a sustainability triangle, showing how and why they choose purchase their suppliers. Additionally, there is an eco-dictionary, which explains what the products are made from in a very honest way with both pros and cons.



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The founders of the site, Tania and Sam, met through worldwide blogging collaboration, The 15/30 Project. I actually followed the project quite closely in 2012. I thought it was a fascinating exercise in Eco-fashion. A group of international bloggers were asked to choose 15 pieces of clothing they would wear for the next 30 days and were not permitted to make any new purchases. It showed that eco consciousness was not only about buying locally or responsibly but it is also about buying less. Part of being parents is ensuring a better world for our children and if we can do that through consuming less or consuming sustainably than all the better!



The site offers great women’s clothing and accessories. There are also magazines and some lifestyle items .The clothing ranges from casual sweatshirts to leather jackets and the prices range as well. Although nothing currently on the site tops $1000 us dollars, it is all in the moderately priced range. Currently, I particularly like the skirts. These three in particular show the range of the styles.




What is really nice about this site is that I would want some of these products even if they were not sustainable and yet I can buy them without any guilt. It is hard to find any website in Hong Kong with good returns, shipping policies and consumer friendly design. A Boy Named Sue has all of that with free Hong Kong, US and Australia shipping and flat rate $15 US dollar International Shipping available. They also have a 30-day return policy and even store credit for some final sale items. Feel good, shop easily  and look good that’s a site I could buy from!




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