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Street food in Asia is an art form! In Hong Kong, look down almost any alley and you will see people sitting on small plastic stools or standing slurping noodles contentedly. Supervising children while trying to decipher the Chinese only menu and managing the rapid pace of ordering can be a hindrance in trying all of this great cuisine. Gum Jeng, a street food restaurant in Causeway Bay, is a great alternative, a casual street food restaurant.




The restaurant is in the back of a cool store, GumGumGum, which has plenty of eye candy for the whole family to browse while waiting for the food. The merchandise is funky cool with a little something for everyone from jewelry to tech gadgets to stuffed animals.





The restaurant is air-conditioned and minimalist in décor with those famous street stools. It is clean and stylish, which will make you all the more comfortable while trying some new foods. Famous for their fried pork chops, and Shanghai fried noodles I decided to try some of their other specialties. The “white soup noodle” was delicious, not greasy, and needed no extra flavoring. The fried shrimp cake was my opportunity to try out the condiments, as it is a very simple dish meant to be eaten with spicy sauces. The spicy fried onions combined with the sweet sauce went perfectly with it. The honey-fried oysters required no sauce and were also not greasy but really yummy.




If you are looking to taste the street food of Hong Kong but are put off by eating on the street, Gum Jeng is just the place for you! I can’t wait to go back with the kids.


Details: Gum Jeng, G/F, 8-10 Cleveland St, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay Hong Kong, 3486 7307.

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