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Burger Circus


Fulfilling sweet and salty cravings can be difficult in Hong Kong sometimes, Burger Circus can take care of those very, very well. Burger Circus is designed to look a 1960’s American Diner with waiters dressed the part as well as the décor. There are jars of candy and straws lining the counter that bring a bit of color to the aluminum and wood design. Burger Circus is catering to all clientele but the booths and menu work especially well for families. There are alcoholic drinks but kids do not get ignored the homemade sodas are delicious.





Most importantly how is the food? Burger Circus serves all their burgers with their secret sauce, which I would describe as Russian dressing with chopped onions. On the burgers, it is delicious! My husband ordered the Circus Fries, which has the sauce as well. Unfortunately on this dish, the sauce was overkill, making the fries soggy. The regular fries and onion rings were both delicious though. My son was not open to trying the sauce on his burger, and they were immediately accommodating. The only customization  not allowed was choosing the temperature of your meat, all burgers are served medium. To their credit, I order my beef rare, and I still enjoyed my burger.





Dessert, any self-respecting diner has to have delicious shakes and desserts. Burger Circus does not disappoint. My son put their Candy Shake to the test. He told the waiter he has “quite a sweet tooth” and proceeded to ask for 7 different candies to be mixed into his shake. It sounded disgusting to me and I wondered how they would react. They put a certain amount inside and some on top, Absolutely Brilliant! My husband liked his banana split. My Coffee Toffee Crunch shake was unbelievable, delicious!





Burger Circus has filled a big hole in Hong Kong dining. Many burger places have opened recently, Burger Circus is so far my favorite for family dining! No reservations though so call ahead to make sure the kids are not waiting too long. My family loved our first meal, and we can’t wait to go back.



Details: Burger Circus, 22 Hollywood Road, Central District. Open Daily: 12pm-12am. Phone: 852-2878-7787.

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