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One Sunday a month Butcher’s Club Aberdeen location, Editus, hosts a huge lunch/party on its rooftop. The Food is delicious. There is a band and downstairs has a TV room. It is most fun to go with friends but even if you do not come with any you are sure to make some. The seating encourages socialization on long picnic tables. My 11 year old has declared it the BEST food in Hong Kong and I think that may be partially the good food and partially the party atmosphere.




The food is different each month but the theme of outdoor barbeque abundance has been maintained each time I have visited. This is an all you can eat buffet and people stay for hours helping themselves to seconds and thirds, sampling all that is offered. There is wine, beer, lemonade and soft drinks to make sure everyone stays hydrated and happy. There are vegetables and salads but the stars are the meats as that is what Butcher Club is famous for. The burgers are amazing when they are offered but the steak sandwiches run a close second. Most recently there was a whole suckling pig that was as tasty as it was gorgeous.



Desserts are quite the assortment, cookies and cakes and candies. Some of the desserts are part of the buffet; fancier ones are from outside vendors and require additional fees. There are always vendors at the market selling wines, specialty food items and gifts. Last time there was a t-shirt maker allowing patrons to create their own designs. Additionally there are different activity set up for the kids each time, face painting, instagram booths, balloon makers. As I said this is one big family party!!!





Details: Sunday, June 7, 2015, 12pm – 5pm. Adults: $550 HK Dollars, $250 HK Dollars Children aged 8 – 17, free for children under 8. Tickets Available through

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