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The Goat Artventure at PMQ has launched and it is fantastic. There is a movie, sculptures, and soon to come a “Merr Merr Bike Round.” If it is similar to what they had for Christmas, it was a super fun people powered merry-go-round. This one will have a 12 foot tall Peach Blossom Tree in the center. It will be up as of February 17.



Untitled design (16)



The center piece of the decorations is Hyphen by Charles Kaisin. An 11-meter high goat shaped art piece made of over 10,000 origami goats, made from gold foil. The origami goats are held together by red ribbons. This will stay up until March 8 and it looks great day or night. The goat hangs above the central courtyard of PMQ and is visible from each floor.



On the Hollywood Road side of PMQ in the garden is a four-meter high lantern shaped like a goat. Avollusion designed this goat. My seven year old liked it so much he was not even upset that he couldn’t run in the garden like usual.






The best part of the decorations so far is on the second floor. It is all the way in the back just follow the signs for Scottie and you will be rewarded. ‘Adventures of a Goat’ is a 3 minute super cool movie by Avollusion x Laundromatte. It is shown from 11am until 9pm on February 19-22, 27-28 and March 1. It was made using “Projection Mapping,” a new technology and I filmed some snippets for you to get the idea. Get there though as it is a hundred times better in person.







PMQ has filled a void in Hong Kong. It opened last spring, a renovation of the former Police Married Quarters promising to blend creativity, Hong Kong local talent and art. so far it is succeeding at bringing these forces together seamlessly.



Details: PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central Hong Kong, Open Daily 11am-10pm, Goat Artventure now – March 8.


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