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March is a big month in Hong Kong for Art, which JrMagellan will be focusing on next week. For now though a website that promotes local artists and ships their art worldwide. In addition to showing contemporary art by mostly local artists, plum8 also does interviews and appreciation guides that help customers better understand the artwork.



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Different artists are added almost weekly and there are six different mediums offered; painting, drawing, photography, mixed media, sculpture and limited print. Customer service is also available during weekday Hong Kong work hours, 9:30am – 6pm. Plum8’s goal is to make art accessible for customers and to make sales easier for artists.



Sandra Chung Nga-Shan is one of the artists whose work is available now. She was trained as textile in Melbourne and now works with mixed media to create her art in Hong Kong. She describes her work as expressing movement and it is incredibly fluid textural work made with yarn, Chinese ink and fabric.





Alvin Fung, another artist featured now, shows his photography primarily based on his Hong Kong experience. He has won the Hong Kong Human Rights Art Prize in addition to other acclaim. His work is very much about Hong Kong and shows a view of it seldom noticed, interior views, in his prints.





The artwork ranges in price from $380 Hong Kong Dollars to $60000 Hong Kong Dollars with most on the lower end. Affordable art created by contemporary artists and available worldwide, that is a plum deal!


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