New Year’s All Around the World!

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New Year’s Eve is celebrated differently all over the world, yet most cultures find a new start significant. Since moving to Hong Kong we tend to celebrate the countdown twice. First my husband and I go out for a nice dinner with our friends, and then, the next morning, we celebrate as a family watching the ball drop with our American counterparts. I make a big brunch for us and we sit around writing resolutions or more likely watching the pre-show until the ball drops and we get to countdown for our second time. I did a little research to find out about other’s traditions and now I think we will be travelling in the future.




Fireworks over the Charles Bridge


Business Insider’s reporter Megan Willett wrote an article last year about different New Year’s rituals in different countries which made me kind of desperate to go to Denmark and a little afraid of how smelly Greece must be that night.


Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 1.59.07 pm


List 25 compliers of lists of just about everything created  a list of the 25 strangest New Years rituals. This one made me want to go to Columbia, not necessarily for a New Years, but at some point, I love a country that is so focused on travel.




It is not New Year’s without Fireworks. Here is a great clip of last year’s fireworks starting out in Hong Kong. The fireworks here by the way are amazing! The Chinese New Year fireworks have gone as long as 20 minutes but even New Year’s is a spectacular 8 minutes of pyrotechnics.


Finally, start planning for 2016 by deciding which of the ten best destinations for New Years Eve you will be travelling to… I have always wanted to be in New Zealand once for New Year’s, since they are among the first in the world to celebrate; and that may be up for us next year. Reykjavik’s firework show looks amazing and if I could see the Northern Lights on the same trip, that is definitely something to plan for. Myanmar only started publically celebrating New Years Eve two years ago. I would love to be there to celebrate, both because I want to go and because it would be amazing to be somewhere as they are starting a new tradition.





Happy New Years from JrMagellan. We hope next year is filled with travel, fun, learning and adventure.


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