Kids’ Cooking Class – Dim Sum and Beyond

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Our very own JrMagellan penguin in dim sum form


Whether you have a family of dim sum cart chasers or are just discovering these Chinese bite-sized morsels of goodness, you will appreciate this kid-friendly cooking class I recently tried out with my kids.


Easy 123 is a cooking studio conveniently* located in the K11 Art Mall in Tsim Tsa Tsui, Kowloon. Most of their classes are dessert-focused, but I was looking for something more interesting and culturally relevant than just another cookie or cupcake decorating class, and Easy 123’s Parent-Child Dim Sum class fit the bill beautifully.


This being a kids’ class, all of the ingredients were pre-prepared, and the instruction was focused more on the assembly and decoration of the dim sum. No knives were required – just a sense of adventure and a touch of creativity.

We learned how to make 3 different types of dim sum: some kid-pleasing squid-shaped deep fried spring rolls, the cutest penguin-shaped custard dumplings you will ever see, and the harder-than-you’d-think har gow shrimp dumplings. The chef showed us how to make the basic shapes and then went off-script, making clown fish, sea horses, turtles, bunnies, and pandas.


The class ended with a set meal of our own dim sum creations as well as 4 other dim sum dishes made from the sister restaurant next door. My kids are already big dim sum fans, but I would imagine even the pickiest eater would be hard pressed to resist their own squid or penguin-shaped creations.

squid befoe squid after

We all walked out of the cooking studio with a newfound appreciation for the dim sum chef’s skills – seriously, the har gow are impossible to shape properly! – and a lot of excitement to try our hand at their one of their bread classes.  Hello pineapple buns and Portuguese egg tarts!


Quick Tips:

  • Suggested classes – The cooking studio offers some of their classes for both parent-child and adult formats. So if you can’t make a parent-child class, it is definitely worth calling and asking if you can sign up for the regular adult class.
    • Dim Sum
    • Bread Class – Pineapple Bun, Red Bean Bread, Portuguese Egg Tart
    • Bread Class – Coconut Roll, Steamed BBQ Pork Bun, Butter Cookies
    • Bread Class – Shredded Coconut Cream Bun, Cocktail Bun, Coconut Tart


  • Language – The chef instructors speak primarily Cantonese, but there are staff on hand to translate key points and tips into English. The provided recipes are written in both Chinese and English.


  • Allergies / Food Concerns – If you or your children have shell-fish allergies, then I suggest passing on the dim sum class. 2 out of the 3 dumplings contain either minced shrimp or squid, and substitutions cannot be made.


  • Location:
      Easy 123 Dining and Cooking Studio
      Shop 221, Level 2, K11 Art Mall
      18 Hanoi Road
      Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
      +852 2628 0616



*Yes, even I found this location ridiculously easy to get to and find. From the Hong Kong Island side, take the MTR’s Tseun Wan Line to the Tsim Sha Tsui station and go out the D2 exit towards Carnarvon Road. The K11 Art Mall is located across the street from the exit, occupying the city block outlined by Carnarvon Rd, Bristol Avenue, Mody Road, and Hanoi Road.

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