Junk Season Is Here!

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As the weather warms up in Hong Kong the Junk Boat rentals increase. Junk boats have been in Hong Kong for centuries, once transporting spices all over the world; now, both tourists and locals use them for leisure. There are options in all different price ranges depending on how private or luxurious of a boat ride you want. There are also options between shorter city harbor and longer island rides. On the longer rides foods will be important, here there are options too, picnics, catering, meals prepared on the boat or sailing out to restaurants.


Harbour cruises usually last anywhere from one and a half to three hours and sail along Victoria Harbour showing the skyline and architecture of the city. These cruises are done in the afternoon or evening. These rides do not allow any swimming and for younger kids can be more funor less anxiety provoking for parents. Certainly, they are a less expensive way to experience the waters of Hong Kong.


The private cruises can come with as many bells and whistles as you choose to invest in. There can be slides, jet skis, banana boats and wake boarding. The boat itself and seeing the landscape the architecture change to the rural islands.



The restaurants are very local Chinese making whole fish picked straight out of tanks and other traditional dishes. If children are young or weak swimmers the island restaurant makes the most send as then kids can have an opportunity to walk around. Kids can play on the beach and in the water while eating at a casual restaurant. My kids always love this experience!



For older kids, swimming off the junks can be lots of fun especially jumping off the bridge. Strong swimmers can even swim into islands and explore depending on where the junk goes. There are many different boat rental companies; Hong Kong Yachting has a good variety of boats and excellent staff. The boats are well cared for and the staff work hard to make sure that the customers opinions are valued and their desires realized. To be sure this is a very expensive sightseeing day but for an unforgettable experience it is worth it.





Details: Harbour Cruise: Hong Kong Tourism Board Victoria Harbour Cruise, $250 HK dollars per adult, children $ $160 HK dollars per person. http://www.discoverhongkong.com/eng/see-do/tours-walks/guided-tours/victoria-harbour/afternoon-harbour-cruise.jsp Private Cruises:

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