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Hong Kong is a constantly evolving city with building and planning seeming to occur at lightening speed. As in other cities, there has been some controversy about this over the years with people focusing on the preservation of historic buildings rather than the continual modernization. Hong Kong’s City Gallery is a Hong Kong Government’s response to the criticism is a museum focused on city planning and infrastructure, explaining to the public the larger picture behind the development.



The ground floor is devoted to special exhibits as well as comparing Hong Kong to other major cities around the world. The current exhibit is Sketch Gallery 1000. The drawings are of old Hong Kong focusing on neighborhoods that have maintained some of their history for example the Duddell Street Gas lamps.



Duddell Street in Soho has the only active gas lamps in Hong Kong, the other street lights were converted to electric but these gas lamps have been maintained. There are some sketches that are set up for people to pose for photos with. The permanent exhibit on this floor is a series of audio-visual screens comparing Hong Kong to other cities. The comparison of skylines across the world was pretty amazing also.



The first floor exhibits are interactive. The exhibit, which shows the progress of different neighborhoods over history through an interactive display, is amazingly interesting. Over time watching the amount of development that has occurred in Hong Kong is absolutely amazing.



The second floor is focused on transportation and communications within the city. There is also information on planning strategies for future city development. There is also information available on city greenery and park development. All of this information was given in an n informative, interactive and fun way.



The third floor has a 17-minute movie that is shown in Mandarin, Cantonese and English at different times during the day. This movie is all about the future planning for the city. The movie is for all age levels and is a really interesting exercise in urban planning as well as about Hong Kong’s plans.


The fourth floor is a library and reference room on city planning.


Details: City Gallery,3 Edinburgh Place, Central, Hong Kong. Open 10am – 6pm Daily except Tuesdays and the first two days of Chinese New Year. Admission: Complimentary



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