Hong Kong’s Blooming Flower Market

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It is the rare area in Hong Kong where tourists, expats and locals converge all with the same purpose and without insane crowds. The flower market in Kowloon is one of those places. Expats and locals are there buying flowers and plants for their homes and businesses and tourists are there to admire all the beauty of the bounty. The beauty is something to behold. There are orchids, roses, plants and of course lots of lucky bamboo.




Enter the market on Sai Yee Street ,the left side is where most of the plants are sold. There are trees and potted plants galore. Stores selling every type of herb, Chile peppers and entire stores devoted to orchids. Bonsai trees are especially popular.



On the right side of the street is the first and biggest of many Brighten stores. The one on the corner of Sai Yee Street and Yeun Po Street specializes in artificial flowers. This emporium is four floors of silk flowers, planters, ribbons and every other accessory one would need to arrange flowers. The top floor looks so similar to the florists around the corner the only way to recognize them for fakes is to touch and smell.



Follow Yuen Po Street upon exiting Brighten to find all of the cut flower stores. All of these stores sell arrangements, but some sell them exclusively. As you get further down the block more of the cut flower stores will be displaying the flowers they make the arrangements from. The prices here compared to flowers internationally or even on Hong Kong Island are astoundingly low. The variety seems endless.



This would be a great place to do a scavenger hunt with kids, looking for the different types of flowers and having them take pictures. Just make sure they get a photo of Hong Kong’s National Flower, the Bauhinia Orchid. The one on Hong Kong’s Flag is white but most popular in pink and easier for the kids to find. It is recognizable by its five petals.




At the end of Yuen Po Street is the bird market which although quite malodourous has some beautiful bird cages and even some fun fake birds to put in them as well as of course the real ones.



Details: MTR to Prince Edward Station, Exit B1, Walk east along Prince Edward Road West until you reach Sai Yee Street.

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