Hong Kong – Then and Now

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I recently came across The Travel Film Archive‘s old video of Hong Kong filmed in 1938 by André de la Varre and had to share it. Aside from the “Oriental” background music, which hilariously makes me of an episode of Tom and Jerry visiting China, the video provides a great visual tour of old Hong Kong, making for some fun side-by-side pictures comparing Hong Kong, then and now. The travel documentary also offers a glimpse of life for both European expatriates and Hong Kong Chinese, and perhaps even more fascinating, gives some exposure to the then-paternalistic attitude of the empire towards its colony.


1. View of the Central District from Victoria Harbour


2. View from the Peak



3. Junks in Repulse Bay


4. Rickshaw versus taxi queue

5. Glimpses of every day life – “Natural glimpses of every day life are caught, until the camera, the evil eye, is noticed.”



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