Harbour Front Tai Chi

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In the early morning in any park in Hong Kong, you will see many people practicing Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a meditative slow moving martial art. There are health benefits, including stress and relaxation issues and self-defense movements. Tai Chi works to develop spiritual and emotional resilience. It is not aerobic exercise but the other benefits are clear. Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese art. Experiencing this art form is the perfect way of starting a day in Hong Kong as a family.




Three mornings a week, Tai Chi Master Ng leads tourists through an hour of exercises. All members of the class are beginners, and all ages are accepted. Master Ng teaches the art on the harbor front in Hong Kong with the most beautiful views. Directly in front of the Hong Kong Museum of Art on The TSTS promenade, Tai Chi is taught looking straight out at the skyline of Hong Kong. The classes are just 60 minutes long and very relaxed, with people allowed to come and go as they wish.





The entire class is taught to music and Master Ng calls out the instructions in English. Master Ng also teaches at the Four Seasons and the Intercontinental Hotels but this class is for all tourists and requires no advance registration. He also brings an assistant who teaches the fan portion for the last ten minutes. The whole experience is cultural, beautiful and fun with major health benefits.




Details: Avenue of the Stars in front of Hong Kong Museum of Art, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 8-9am, $50 per person.

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