Five Fantastic Hong Kong Food Blogs

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Hong Kong's 5 Best Food Blogs


Whenever visiting a new city I always check out the best food blogs. I tend to trust the locals writing more than the visitors reviewing and although my language skills (I only know one) limit me, Google translate helps out a bit. In Hong Kong I have a few I check but because I am ‘local’ here I tend to use them only when I am really at a loss. People in Hong Kong take their food very seriously though and when I started research on this blog I found I was way behind. I will follow all of these more closely from now on. I have chosen the blogs that I think are unique, unbiased and fun to read to give you a taste of what is out there.


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  1. e-tingfood – Written by Janice Leung Hayes, self-described writer, editor, eater and traveller, this blog is honest and trustworthy. She even writes a blog about how much she dislikes reviewers who take freebies without declaration. She even gives bad reviews, which is hardly ever done in Hong Kong where everyone is incredibly polite. My only complaint she does not blog enough but best to always leave the public wanting more I guess. She does have a whole list of Hong Kong restaurants she recommends and given she is been blogging since 2004 it is a pretty exhaustive list.


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  1. HungryHk – Daniel has received tons of accolades for his amazing instagram photos and I would agree this is the blog for the visually inclined. His photos are mouth watering, his text simple and descriptive of the food. I don’t see much criticism here but after looking at his photos you will have decided exactly what you want to order and you will want to get to that restaurant SOON!



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  1. That Food Cray – Simple descriptions and reviews written in an easy to read format with a one to five crayfish rating system. Although the amount that cray is stated in the blog may annoy me at moments in the end the straight forwardness of this blog makes it a go to for me. Started by two Hong Kong based Canadians tell and show favorite dishes, location, price and atmosphere in such an easy to read format that they have won me over.



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  1. Bakker’s Bites – If you love graphic novels, Bakker’s Bites is the food blog for you. I find it incredibly fun and funny to read this blog it is just so incredibly unique and the work Li Meng de Bakker puts into it shows. She is definitely one of those bloggers who make you feel you are getting to know a bit of her through her writing. It is nice to have a blogger in Hong Kong who is willing to take a few risks and get personal.


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  1. The Dim Sum Diaries – Reviewing restaurants since 2011 Ale does a great job of describing restaurants, her love of food comes through in each review, even the bad ones. She uses a one to five dumpling scale, which makes for quick assessment of whether it is worth reading on. She is now working for Butchers Club but I have not seen that impact any reviews.


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Happy Restaurant Hunting!!!



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