Feng Shui on Cat Street

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One block below Hollywood Road, off of Ladder Street is Upper Lascar Row nicknamed Cat Street by locals. There is a market along this street that is open seven days a week, around 11am until 6pm. There are tons of stalls selling all different types of Chinese “antiques.” There is everything from jewelry, sculptures, china and Bruce Lee posters. Behind the stalls are the more legitimate antique shops, for china and bronze statues of value head inside. For less expensive more amusing trinkets, the stalls are the way to go. The array of choice is astounding given that the whole market is about one New York City block long.






On my trip this time I picked up a Feng Shui wall hanging. Georgie at History Booth patiently explained each wall hanging’s meaning. I eventually decided on this one for my office, as it is supposed to be good luck for companies. The dragons mean great power; the Chinese letter means healthy; and the coins represent money coming in. The wall hangings range from $120 – $200 HK dollars depending on the intricacy and size of the design of the stone. I will let you know how it works!!!




I also chose something to get next time, a terracotta warrior chess set. The pieces are made of Ox bone and are intricately carved. They were priced from $250-950 HK Dollars. A word of advice, I have tried to negotiate here, but the prices always seem fairly firm. If you buy more that one thing at one stall, they may be more negotiable; however the prices are already reasonable. Have fun here there is plenty to look at and the people working are not following you around trying to sell to you. This is a very relaxed market which in the end makes it a lovely shopping experience.




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