Fancy some grilled Kangaroo? The Bellbrook, Bistro Oz by Laris

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Hong Kong has over 46000 Australian expats and recently David Laris, an Australian Greek chef with several restaurants in Shanghai, imported a taste of the Australian homeland to Hong Kong. The Bellbrook opened in 2013 brings grilled Kangaroo as well as other fare to the Hong Kong restaurant scene. Australian cuisine is most famous for it’s meat on the Barbeque but here there is a lot more variety than grilled meat here, although that is not half bad.



For a cultural experience when a break from Chinese food is needed, the Bellbrook fits the bill perfectly. We went for the Great Aussie BBQ, which they host on weekends and got more food than we could possibly manage to eat. Of course we added on some of the Bellbrook’s specialties, who can resist twisties? Twisties are homemade potato chips with Parmesan cheese or truffle salt, absolutely delicious! We also added the Black pork Scotch egg, which Bellbrook is renowned for, we thought their reputation was well earned.





Although Kangaroo was missing from the grilled meats selection, we thought the offerings were well flavored with the proper fresh off the grill taste. The sides were where Bellbrook showed its strength with a really, delicious perfectly dressed salad and fresh green beans with just the right amount of butter. The first thing to arrive at the table was the standout though a fresh homemade bread with edible soil made with creamy butted topped with olive paste, delicious!





The meal ended right too, both the Pavlova and the flan were great. The Pavlova is huge though and definitely meant for sharing. The atmosphere of Bellbrook is casual and fun making it a great place for families. Chalkboards are all over and the tables are covered with brown paper with crayons supplied. Why don’t more restaurants bring that back? There is also a hot sauce disclaimer, anyone willing to try the Ultra Death Sauce has to be will to sign it, we dared our children to no avail, what is more fun than lunch with a disclaimer?




Details: The Bellbrook, Bistro Oz by Lairs, 2 Floor, 77 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2530 -1600; open for lunch and dinner daily, Aussie BBQ is Sunday 12pm-3pm.

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