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Quest by Que



Hong Kong has loads of amazing restaurants and lots of great chefs but it is the rare chef whom develops a devoted following. Que Vinh Dang is one of those chefs, when his private kitchen TBLS closed his followers were crushed. We followed him to The Tipping Point Brewery which though a great concept never allowed his skills to shine brightly enough. Now after a hiatus he has returned with a vengeance with Quest. The menu is always set and he currently plans to change it four or five times a year. The current Vietnamese menu is being served through March and it seems to take complete advantage of his skills and heritage.







Que is a Vietnamese American who started his training in New York at Daniel as sous chef to some of the most famous pastry chefs in the world. His training as a pastry chef shows in the presentation of all of his dishes as well as in his cocktails and of course in his desserts. Quest has a partially open kitchen which works really well with a chef who serves such meticulously plated food and who pays so much to his diners. The cooking is done behind closed doors but the plating is in open view to the dining room. This puts on a show for the diners but also makes one aware of all of the ingredients going into each dish. In the end my husband and I were left salivating for the food to be served. The menu is given at the end of the meal, which is part of what piqued my curiosity. Above is a sneak peak of what is currently being served.



I loved every course, they were all incredibly innovative and delicious. A couple stood out above the rest for me. The Yellowtail Sashimi was so incredibly fresh and light. The tomato served with it was more of a Tomato water and the Nuoc Mam was deliciously spicy. The Beef Pho Tartar was a revelation, it had all of the pho flavors in a classically French dish and I thought it was utterly delicious.





The most incredible was the dessert. I love ice cream and the salted caramel coconut ice cream was my favorite ever. It had no ice in it, almost like a mouse it was so creamy. Que explained that the ice cream is made fresh each day which is what keeps it so light and creamy at once.


Almond Cake with the best ice cream ever

Almond Cake with the best ice cream ever!



The menu will change and each time, I will be back to try it; the cooking is that good. Don’t miss it!



Details: Quest, 28 floor, 239 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong; Reservations: 2554-0888 or Open for Dinner Tuesday to Saturday.


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