Exoplanets: Battle of Catan set in Space

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A board game without a board how is that possible? Well is the game is about the planetary creation and each Exoplanet floats in space it only makes sense the game would not be limited to a single board. What is an Exoplanet? A planet that orbits any star other than the sun and nearly 200 of them has been discovered. Now JrMagellan’s it is time to explore not only our world but space as well.



Board&Dice, a small Polish game company, has created this new game, Exoplanets, which is currently running a Kickstarter campaign. Watching the video of these two men in their Nasa suits discussing their previous board game about beer is entertaining to say the least. But that game was actually quite successful and their Kickstarter campaign already hit its’ goal in the first six days. Exoplanets will be available in October 2015 for those who contribute.




Board&Dice went from games about brewing beer to planetary creation. The idea behind Exoplanets is to create life in space. There are four different types of planets, Oceanic, Rocky, Gas and Super Earth and three types of resources, Solar Energy, Water and Gas. Players use the resources to create life but, of course, another player with enough life tokens can create a species, which wipes out the opponents life on that planet. Then the Black Holes and Solar Storms get added in and the game really comes to life in a race to win, uh create Exoplanets.


My kids are obsessed with Battle of Catan and Battle of Catan Junior that were originally created in Germany and are games all about settlements and resources. This game feels very similar to me, but about Space and the elements that exist there. Both of these games are complex, 30-45 minute games that require sitting down and really thinking about strategy. I have already ordered my copy and I can’t wait to play!


The game will definitely be available as it’s been funded but there are advantages to pre-ordering through Kickstarter. They are giving $1 from each donation to Yale’s development of an Exoplanet Laser most importantly and it will help them hit their stretch goals creating the game with more products and at a higher quality.



Details: Kickstarter campaign through June 20, 2015 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1293726726/exoplanets/description

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