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Peking duck, originally from Beijing, is the specialty of many Hong Kong restaurants. Crispy on the outside and incredibly moist on the inside with a layer of fat in between, In Hong Kong who makes the best Peking Duck is a favorite debate. My family’s favorite is American Peking, both because we love the duck and the atmosphere. Casual, kind of tacky red and gold and loud, perfect for family dining!





American Peking Restaurant is super casual with white tablecloths, Lazy Susan’s and huge round tables. Most of the dishes can be ordered in different sizes depending on how many people you are with and how much variety you want. The sizzling dishes are particularly popular in my family.



The food is not spicy but it is really well flavored. The variety is as extensive as one would expect from a Chinese restaurant and there are plenty of opportunities to stretch your culinary appetite, care to try some sea slugs? Make sure to order them in advance!





The duck is definitely the star at American Peking though and it is served with all of the necessary accoutrements; pancakes, cucumbers, green onion and hoisin sauce complete the dish. There is an art to wrapping a pancake, which requires a bit of everything. First, cover pancake with Hoisin Sauce, then add the cucumber and green onions, and cover these ingredients with one or two pieces of duck, finally wrap it all up as best you can. And don’t worry when it drips, it always does!




This is definitely not the neatest of meals between the duck and the sizzling platters food is almost guaranteed to be all over the table if not on your shirt. But all of this is part of the fun, Given the name you may think this restaurant is for tourists and expats but in fact I rarely see more than one or two other tables with expats at them. As you can see from the list of reservations posted at the door, expats are only some of the patrons.  This restaurant is about family dining Chinese style and it is a must visit on any trip to Hong Kong!




Details:  Reservations essential, almost always available same day. American Restaurant, 20 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong; 2527 1000; Open Daily 11:30am -11pm.

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