Discovery Bay: An idyll a ferry ride away from Hong Kong

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Discovery Bay is a residential enclave on the Northeastern coast of the Lantau Island, affectionately known by residents as Disco Bay or DB. There are no cars allowed only golf buggies and in some areas buses, but, generally, it is a traffic free, noise free resort like area. When I first moved to Hong Kong people would describe it as a the town Jim Carrey lived in in the movie “The Truman Show.” It is not a fully inaccurate description.




Discovery Bay is a really nice place to spend the day with family. It is closer than most of the outlying islands and has some lovely restaurants with views over the water. The ferry pier is right at the deck and beach, no directions necessary. Families can sit on the deck and still be able to see kids running on the beach and at the playground. The beach is rated as Good by the Hong Kong Government but it is not recommended to swim after heavy rains. The few residents I asked said better to look at then go in. Even without swimming it is a nice long, white sand beach to play Frisbee, catch or tag on. At the far end of the beach is a shaded playground.


There is also a whole range of hikes available from Discovery bay ranging from thirty-minute walks to three and a half hour tough climbs. The lack of traffic makes it easy to hike as a family without fear of kids running ahead or behind as the case may be.




The second Sunday of each month Discovery Bay hosts a Sunday Market with crafts, foods and goods, last month there were over 90 vendors there! There are tons of fun activities for the kids to stay busy while shopping and most of the products are local companies.


Whether coming for the market, a hike or just as a retreat from bustling Hong Kong, Disco Bay is a great place to lull an afternoon away. Be sure to stay till 9pm when a view of the Disneyland fireworks can be seen; a perfect way to end a day in this resort land a ferry away from Hong Kong.




Details: Discovery Bay is a 25minute ferry with ferries running every 30 minutes from Central Pier 3. Ferry Schedule:

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