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Travel Plans for 2015?


Come January there are always great articles on travel planning for the next year, and I read them wanting to go everywhere named! The New York Times destination list for each year is the article I most look forward to; 52 Places to go in 2015 did not disappoint. But I still have my list of places my family has not been to or loves so much we want to return to. Which is more important our choices or one’s the New York Times editors have chosen?


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The New York Times list is most compelling because they choose destinations that are exciting for that particular year. For example we have been to Singapore four times in the past two years and I had crossed it off the list for this year – why go back again and again? Then I read that this year is Singapore’s 50th anniversary, and now I am desperate to check out the festivities. A five-mile public art trail sounds amazing, and this is a country that knows how to celebrate itself in style!



Sri Lanka has been on our list since we moved to Asia. I have discounted it, as the roads were not great and my husband does not like long, arduous road trips. Guess what a new highway has opened! That is actually incredibly helpful information, as it can now move back up the list. Who knows maybe we will make it there in 2015? But there is no rush for that one; we can do that in 2015 or after, now that the infrastructure is in place.



Then there are destinations that were already on my list that I got even more excited about. I have a girl’s trip to Seoul planned and I learned that a new art and design center has opened with two new museums I am definitely putting on the itinerary. I am even more excited about that trip now.



The other side of the list though is the fear I am too late and missed being on the frontier of a destination. Danang, Vietnam and Chengdu, China are two places I have want to go to for years but just kept putting off. I have concerns that both may see more tourism now, after being named as hot places to in 2015. Perhaps if I plan a trip quickly, I can still get in before the masses.


Hong Kong did not make the list this year but on Friday I will talk a bit about why maybe it should have and how to allocate one’s time there.

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