Canvases That Are ‘Bathed’ in Beauty

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Hong Kong has so many beautiful, iconic sights; at times it feels difficult to capture them all. Belinda Bath a talented photographer who has lived in Hong Kong for the past eight years has resolved that issue for the rest of us. Her amazing montage canvases each displaying 20 different images are the perfect Hong Kong memento.


Laughing Buddha



Belinda creates these montages from her immense catalog of photographs and she can use these to create custom montages for clients with specific needs. But with over 18 standard montages it would be hard not to find one that you like. Belinda is able to combine in each montage the foods, transportation, arts and culture of Hong Kong in ways that are breathtaking. At first, given the vibrant colors, I assumed the pictures had been tinted but Belinda just works hard to find the right images that create the color balance. Amazing the beauty and color she finds in Hong Kong, each image is so beautiful and it can stand alone or within the montages she creates. And it is not only Hong Kong, Belinda also has montages of Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Japan and Europe that she has created during her travels.


Tattoo- Green Buddha



I have to admit that I have bought several of her pieces over the past few years for friends as leaving gifts; each recipient has loved the memento. The canvases are not inexpensive running upwards of $4000 Hong Kong dollars but they are beautiful pieces of art that require a lot of work. For exact pricing and sizes Belinda can be contacted through her website. She also makes postcards and greeting cards using her images, which at $100 Hong Kong dollars are certainly affordable enough. The canvases and cards can be shipped internationally or locally and take about a week to complete unless there is customization required.





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