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There was a time when gifts bought at airports were easily marked as such, clearly the parents who had no time to shop for their kids on vacation. Hong Kong International Airport has the most amazing toys and souvenirs now that I find it the most convenient place to find all of the best new Hong Kong toys. I took some photos at a couple of the stores at the airport thinking I would more carefully research online once I returned. Turns out I can’t find them online at all so all the more reason to pick them up at Page One in Terminal 1 of the airport.


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Brixies are mini lego like toys and they have made mini a couple of the most iconic Hong Kong buildings in small packs easy to throw into your carry on. The colors are luminous and the likeness of the towers amazing, but these are small pieces and at 900 plus pieces a set when they say aged 8 and up they mean it. There are two Hong Kong sets, collectors edition which has transportation and Hong Kong monuments which has iconic buildings.




3D Hong Kong Puzzle of Memories; oh regrets of not purchasing. I will definitely get some of these on my next trip. I have been searching all over the internet for them since I got back and cannot find them anywhere and they look so cool. I know the photos are not great but at least they hopefully give you the idea.





Talented Cityscape Bags are sold in a range of sizes and colors all depicting Hong Kong island. These bags are durable made of denim or canvas and would make a great snack or tote bag. Julia Gash has done beautiful illustrations of Hong Kong’s most famous landmarks.




Hong Kong Construction Music Boxes are wind up music boxes that are matchbox sized and bigger depending on the design chosen. They are really pretty and delicate and the music is soft not incredibly intrusive.




Hong Kong Travel Letter Press makes beautiful sketched cards of Hong Kong and also stickers. The stickers are black and white and meant to be colored in which would make a great plane activity and a souvenir to boot.


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There are great language flashcards and postcards, Chineasy by Shaolan. These are cards that teach the Chinese language through pretty graphics of chinese characters that are building blocks to learn this very complex language. There are apps that go with the sets of cards and teaching lessons but a long airplane ride may be the best way to get started.



Aren’t we glad we are no longer left with snow globes and t-shirts? Sometimes burgeoning commerce worldwide can have positive effects and the airport shopping at Hong Kong International is definitely and example. This trip I did not have a chance to check out the products at HKTDC Design Gallery but they also have many products created by Hong Kong companies both for kids and adults.

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