40 years of Rugby Madness in Hong Kong

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Jon Pariise CC BY_SA 2.0

Jon Pariise CC BY_SA 2.0



The Hong Kong Sevens draws tens of thousands of people to Hong Kong to witness Hong Kong’s biggest annual sports event and 2015 is the 40th anniversary of the competition. The event occurs over a three-day weekend in late March, usually just as the weather is warming up from winter. When most think of the Hong Kong sevens they think of the Bacchanalian party occurring in the south stands where people dress in costume (fancy dress) and pour pitchers of beer on one another. The south stands would not be a family experience! It is also limited to spectators over 18 years old.



However, there is definitely a place for families at the Sevens! The Rugby Sevens are fourteen- minute Rugby games, seven players per side, played by 28 international teams. Each morning the Hong Kong Mini Rugby Football Union sponsors games for kids in the stadium. There is also a “March Past,” parade with all of the teams including the children’s teams and the year the Village People are performing. These are the best times to bring the kids although really if properly supervised anytime works.


My kids do not play rugby, but we take them to sevens each year and they love it. There is definitely a party atmosphere but it is fairly easy to avoid the most inebriated people by keeping kids there during the day and leaving a bit earlier than those heading to the bars. Kids love to see the adults dressed up and the costumes are fantastic. The Rugby games are the perfect length for short attention spans.


There is also entertainment, which this year includes Kung Fu Rugby and the Village People. That is just on the field, the entertainment in the stands can include streekers, singing, dancing and all sorts of mayhem that kids will enjoy watching from afar.


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Most of all, this is a Hong Kong event. Some say Hong Kong at it’s worst, some think at it’s best, best to allow you and your family to judge on their own. Plan ahead though tickets sell out fast and are best booked in advance either through Cathay Pacific, a travel agent or www.viagogo.co.uk, all official ticket sellers.


Details: Hong Kong Stadium, 55 Eastern Hospital Road, So Kon Po. For 2015: Friday, March 27, 11am – 9pm, Saturday, March 28, 7am – 7:40pm, Sunday, March 29, 7am – 7:40pm. Transportation is best done by MTR to Causeway Bay Station; it is then a 1-kilometer walk up Caroline Hill Road. Follow the crowds.

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